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Hedonism II


Hedonism II & III Corporate Sites
Hedonism II Personal Pages
Hedonism II Daily Activity Schedule & Meal Times
Room Numbers & Resort Maps
The Naked Truth About Hedonism II - 2nd Edition
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Travel Agencies
Travel Resources
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The Caribbean
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Hedonism II Corporate Sites

Hedonism II
Official Website

Official Website
The Saga of SuperClubs and the History of Hedonism II by JSS

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Hedonism II Personal Pages

Denny Pasternak's Caribbean Collection
Denny is a travel agent whose website has a wealth of Hedo info.

Hedonism II section
Trip reports,  visitor schedule,
pics and much more.
Must see Hedo Rick's Advice.
Denny's Hedo II Message Boards
Denny also has a chat room
Phil's JWST Page
A fun page of a Hedo III group.
Has lots of good tips and photos.
The Third Tit
Info, photos, trip reports, etc.
(Netscape users: If you have trouble
opening this site, start here).

Jamaica Jim
See his Hedo trip reports and Hedo pictures

Biff's Bunch
See the Hedo Hints and Tips section.
Also pics, trip reports, Hedo drink recipes, & much more.
Chat Room

Traveling Bares with Darryl and Gail
Lots of Hedo pics
Red Randy from Reno
Photos, drink recipes, etc.
Val's Pals (H2 Nov)  
Frank & Marcey's Page
First timer's trip report
Hedo Buddah
Detailed report on disabled access
Conner's Jamaica Me Crazy TNMC msg board
Hedo folks talk about other stuff
Hedotraveler's Web Site Empryean Pleasures
Fluffernutters (July Hedo2 group) Pole Dancer

Epinions.com Trip Reports
Candy Lake       honeybrownrho
wfandrae (A college student & his girlfriend on spring break)


  Carol & Eric's Trip Reviews
Trip report & Hedo vs.cruises report.
Other trip reports & links.
Ed's Trip Report
A Pastor's Trip Report Trip Reports
from Castaways Travel
Washington Post Report AskMen.com Report
David Chamberlain's
satirical look at Hedonism II
LoveTripper Hedo Article
Mostly Pictures
(Most of the sites above also have pictures; also see Travel Agent web sites)
Hedo property pics  
Great H2 pics & info from
Castaways Travel
Don's Photos
A few sunset pics
Another Hedonism II Video Hedonism II
Lots of Hedo thumbnail pics  
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Hedonism II Daily Activity Schedule & Meal Times

Room Numbers
Room Numbers/Locations & Maps of Hedo II
Location of rooms, with maps, and aerial views of the resort
Naked Truth About Hedonism II

The Naked Truth About Hedonism II, 2nd Ed., by Chris Santilli, tells and shows you what the travel brochures won't-what to really expect at Hedonism II-with many true tales and photos. Whether you're a Hedo vet or virgin, this book is must reading for its expert info and high hilarity. Chris Santilli, an award-winning freelance writer and inveterate naked gal, has visited Hedonism II for 60-plus weeks in more than 40 trips.

The site includes a table of contents and FAQ excerpt, reader reviews, and ordering info. Come see what all the excitement is about! Even non-readers love to read it.

Now available in print, PDF or Kindle versions, all updated for 2010.

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Message Boards
Hedonism Message Boards

Denny Pasternak's
Hedo II Message Boards
(Also see Denny's Hedo visitor schedule)

Biff's Bunch Discussion Forum
Has a Hedo chat room
Go Classy Tours Forums

Negril Today

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For flight fares and travel information see these sites
Orbitz Lowest Fare
Travelocity American Express
Travel Now  
One Travel Cheap Tickets
Expedia Hotwire
Sky Auction
Get all flights to/from
any city by date
Real-Time Flight Tracking
Serving Montego Bay
Air Jamaica
American Airlines
Air Canada
British Airways
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Lufthansa German Airlines
U.S. Airways
United Airlines
USA 3000
Tim Air
Rates, reservations,
MoBay arrival info, discount, etc.


Caribbean Based Airlines

Airlines of the Web
Links to hundreds of airlines
around the world
Airlines of the World
Links to the airlines from Hotels Travel
World Airport Guide
Information about airports of the world
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Travel Agencies
Travel Agencies

Global Discount Vacations
Dan Hill

Go Classy Tours

Lifestyles Tours & Travel

Castaways Travel

  Caribbean Hideaways
Get Nude Travel  
Denny P Ed Hubbard
The Travel Hub
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Travel Resources
Travel Resources

Includes the following items
   Returning to the U. S.
   What You Must Declare
   Duty-Free Exemptions


   Paying Duty
   Sending Goods to the U.S.
   Duty-Free Shops
   Prohibited and Restricted Items
   Photographic Film, and more
   Customs Declaration Form

Department of Transportation

The DOT oversees consumer issues such as denied boarding, lost baggage, overbooking, ticketing and stats for on-time performance.

Travel Tips
Air Travel Consumer Report
Air Travel Problems & Complaints
Safety & Security Info
Rules& Guidelines

Federal Aviation Administration

Flight Delay Information
Updated every 5 minutes

U.S. Department of State

Passport information & application form


Health Information for
Travelers to the Caribbean

Centers for Disease Control

Travel Health Online
Jamaica Profile Includes:
Other Health Issues
Travel Advisory
Consular Info

Health & Safety Issues for Travelers Includes: Information on vaccines (such as for Hepatitis A & B) and information on a jillion infectious diseases. Lot's of good Health & Safety information while traveling - including everything from air travel, jet lag and altitude sickness to swimming and diving to seafood poisoning  to dysentery (traveler's diarrhea) to dental care to traveler's thrombosis to disabled travelers, diabetic travelers, heart disease and more.



Currency Converters

The Universal Currency Converter
Print Cheat Sheet of Rates or here
Electrical Voltage, Frequency & Plug Type for Jamaica

Following is information on:
Voltage converters FAQs
International dialing codes

How Far is It?
Get the distance between any two cities on earth and the latitude and longitude of any location.

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Hedonism II and Travel Agents

Phone Numbers and Addresses
Hedo, airlines, travel agencies



7-Day Negril Forecast & Sunset Time

10-Day Forecast Montego Bay

Weather & Astronomy
From Weather Underground
Montego Bay
Average high, low temperature
and rain by month of the year
USA Today
Satellite Images
Caribbean   Larger Image
The Weather Channel

Eastern Caribbean

Average temperature &
precipitation for Negril

Weather Base
Jamaica Climate Overview  
Hurricane Information
Watches, warnings, strike odds,
tracking map, etc.
USA Today
Hurricane Tracker
The weather Underground
Very comprehensive information
Advisories, maps & satellite,
reports & forecasts.
Has tracking map.

Tropical Storms, Worldwide
Tracking maps.
Advisories & strike probabilities.
U. of Hawaii

Want to know whether you'll be under the stars -
or romancing under the moon?
Check out the Phases of the Moon
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Discover Negril
The Gleaner
Learn about the city
has listing of accommodations,
restaurants,   car rentals, etc
Negril Travel Guide
Negril Resort Association
Order a visitor guide
Negril History, Landmarks, Restaurants
Dhana Car Rental
Where to Stay - Negril
Information, rates, phone number, address, etc. & photos of the resorts
The Bus Ride
From Hell
A Tour From MoBay to Negril
The Gleaner
Negril map with resort locations
(Most of the sites above also have pictures)
  Virtual Tour of Negril
Very nice
Jamaica Dave has good personal photos of
the beach,   the cliffs,   around Negril,
from the air (has a pic of Booby Cay),
more pictures and a couple here.
Negril Photos
Made by a couple staying
at Grand Lido
Nov. 2001 Photos
Page 1  Page 2  Page 3
Ken Blackburn's Vacation
Personal Negril photos
Personal Negril photos
  Good sunsets
Rose Lynn
Adriana's Negril Photos
Several pages of photos
Negril Photos
Francesca's homepage


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Jamaica info
The island & the people
history  tourist tips
   getting married    recipes
flight times to JA
(links include: art, business, city, computer, education, entertainment, events, government, health, history, culture, news & media, organizations, personal, reference, sports, travel)
Discover Jamaica
The Gleaner
Link to each of the cities
for lots of info on each.
Has Links Page

Politics & History
Traveling in Jamaica
The Land and the People
Geography & History
Government & Politics
The Economy

The Official Web Site of the
Jamaica Tourist Board
Facts, history, practical information
Other areas of the country
Lonely Planet
World Travel Guide - Jamaica

Addresses, passport/visa, money, duty free, holidays, health, travel, sports/activities, social profile,  business profile, climate, history

Fantasy Isle
Links, Real Estate, Rentals, Recipes, Taxi Tours, Maps
  Where to Stay in Jamaica
Information, rates, phone nnmber, address, etc. & photos of the resorts
Caribbean Villa Rental
Caribbean-on-Line - Jamaica
Links to accommodations by city,
travel guides, airlines, etc.
The World Bank Group
Info about social indicators, economic
factors and population
Getting Married in Jamaica?
For info on documents required,
waiting period, etc.

Weddings and Renewals
no longer free at Hedo 2

About Patois
Tourists' Travel Reports
from Caribbean Travel Roundup
  Montego Bay
Detailed Visitors Guide
Jamaica National Anthem
Words & music
Maps of Jamaica
Map by Expedia
Jamaica Stock Exchange
Latest quotes, news, brokers, etc.
Bank of Jamaica
Economic & financial information
Jamaica Statistical Data
Statistical Institute of Jamaica
Vintage Jamaica Postcards & more
Jamaica Online
An internet service provider (ISP) in Kingston
The Current Time in Jamaica
Jamaica is on Eastern Standard Time &
does not observe daylight savings time
The Reggae Boyz.com
Soccer Team
Caribbean shopping IRIE FM
Jamaica—Pages of Many Links
Yahoo! Jamaica
Search engine
Politics, Organizations, Portals, Media,
Economy, Arts, Research
Photos and LOTS of Links + Maps National Symbols & Many Links
(Many of the sites above also have pictures)
Jack & Junior's Vacation Photos
Postcard Quality Images
Jamaicans.com photos Pictures of Some Jamaica Tourist Sites
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Jamaica News
The Jamaica Gleaner
Jamaica's largest newspaper
Has current news & archived news,
some presented in audio/video
(requires RealPlayer)
The Jamaica Observer
Radio Jamaica - News
Caribbean News
Links to Caribbean Newspapers & Media
Carribean Newspapers CANA The Caribbean News Agency

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The Caribbean
Caribbean On-line  
Where to Stay in the Caribbean
Information, rates, phone number, address, etc. & photos of the resorts by island
Trip Reports from all the Islands
Find by island or
Find by date and/or keyword
From Caribbean Travel Roundup
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Fabulous sarongs and beachwear
Caribbean Wraps International
www.inchant.com inchant.com is lingerie and clothing
Created by fellow hedonists
Hedo Fashions
Free shipping for orders over $100.
Wild & Free
Lingerie, clothing, swimwear,
shoes, boots, jewelry, toys, etc.
Wicked Temptations
Dresses, shorts, leather,
swimwear (chip & sliver bottoms),
lingerie, mens, etc.
Funky Boutique
Lingerie, leather, men's briefs
swimwear (micro), clothing
Sexy swimwear
Lollipop Lingerie
Also dresses, leather & latex, swimsuits, hosiery, footwear, menswear, etc.
Something Sexy Planet.com
Sexy dresses, lingerie, toys, etc.
Sexy Swimwear.com
micros, slings, sheers, etc.
Wicked Weasel
Brief bikinis & g-strings
Under the Sun EUROTIQUE
Leather, latex, lingerie, clothing,
shoes, boots, mens, jewelry, toys
Trashy Lingerie
Lingerie, clothing, swimwear
Lingerie, clothing, leather, shoes
Lingerie, costumes
Dresses. lingerie, shoes, plus sizes
Pin Up Girl
Suits You Swimwear
Swimwear for men & women
Hot Stuff Mall
Clothing, lingerie, shoes, bondage, toys, etc.
Koala Swimwear
For the guys
Dugan Brothers
Stage Clothes, USA
Funny Ts
Victoria's Secret Tan-thru swimwear
Elegant Harlot
Clothes, shoes, liquid latex, etc.
Bikini Beach
Lots here
Beach & evening wear
Flirty Lingerie
Enchanted Dreams
Lingerie, men's & women's
latex & leather
Cameo Collections
Lingerie, clothing, swimwear
Fashionable dresses and sportswear
Janie's Bare Foot Attitude
Liquid Latex
Liquid Latex
Lots of info about liquid latex
including application, etc.
Deviant Liquid Latex
Lots of photos & links
Body Jewelry
  Non Piercing Sterling Silver Body Jewelry
Arabesque Body Creations & Design
Show Off Your Stuff
Body jewelry
Pandora Pendragon
Body Jewelry by the Chain Gang Judy's Non Piercing Body Jewelry

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Toys and Games
Sex Toy World adam eve.com
Toys 'n stuff & men's & ladies wear
  Adult Toy Chest
Toys, chothes, jewelry, etc.
Woman owned & Operated
Love Works
  Adult Shopping
Toys, clothing
Grand Opening Sexuality Boutique Giggle World
Toy & video product reviews
Water floats, toys, games  

Adult Game Company

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Body Painting

Fredi Schmid's Bodypainting
Excellent photos

Key West Fantasy Fest photos 2001
DVNC Arts Bodypainting
Mark Greenwalt
Body Arts link page_Bodypaint links Tim Gratton Bodypaint Homepage
Body Arts Link Page. Index to: Tattoo, Piercing, Bodypaint, Fetish and Art Related Sites Body Art Webring

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Listen to Reggae
Irie Reggae
Has tons of links to Reggae radio web sites
and tons of other Reggae inks
Reggae Jamaica
Jammin Reggae Archives Reggae Routes International
Reggae music
ReggaeTrain Steve Cox's
The Reggae Web
Radio Jamaica
Live radio
  Junior Dub's Irie Reggae
Longest running reggae music program
The above sites require RealPlayer
Bob Marley.com The Bob Marley Foundation
  Reggae Jams

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Fun Stuff
Speak the language
Patois Dictionary
And Another Dictionary
Drink Recipes   
  All About Cocktails
Links to Drink Recipe Sites
The Webtender
Search for drinks
Denny P's Hedo Drink Recipes
Food Recipes
Jamaican Recipes
Electronic Greeting Cards
Jamacian Greeting Cards
Negril Today
Photo Developing
  DCC Photo
Discreet & confidential
Most non-Bible-belt photo processing stores have no problem developing nudist photos. Beware of using a 1-hour photo shop—many local people will see your photos.
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Nudist Publications, Links, Organizations
International Naturists Association
Message board & links
American Association for Nude Recreation

Includes AANR Bulletin newspaper
The Naturist Society
Includes Nude & Natural magazine

Federation of Canadian Naturists
Includes Going Natural magazine
British Naturism
  Mike & Tracy's NaturistWorld
  The only CD nudist magazine

Usenet news group about
family-oriented nude recreation

See Part V for links to discussion groups

  Cheef's Nudist News & Links
  Trade Assoc. for Nude Recreation
International Naturist Federation The largest Nudist Directory on the Net!