Hedo II Book Cover


Everyone has a book inside.



If yours is about some aspect of life that has a heavy nudism component, let's talk. Yours could be the next book in The Naked Truth series. If you want help publishing a different kind of book, e-mail me with your ideas and needs.


  • Topic: preferably nudist travel information written with a humorous or bawdy angle.
  • Book lengths run from 50,000 to 110,000 words, submitted in MS Word.
  • Photographs are essential (print copies or 300-dpi electronic copies). All identifiable people in photographs must sign a photographic release from Scarlett, Oh! Publishing. Scarlett, Oh! Publishing only uses cropping or erasing, not masks across faces, to remove people from photographs.
  • Scarlett, Oh! Publishing does not publish obscene materials—anything to do with child pornography or violence. Sexual information is used for educational or amusement purposes, rather than its masturbation potential.
  • Scarlett, Oh! Publishing does not publish first-person accounts or fictional stories.

Ready to talk? E-mail me with your ideas and a tentative table of contents. Tell me who would buy this book and how to reach them.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Chris Santilli